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Wealth Para Todos Academy is for you even if:

Wealth Para Todos Academy is a money & self-care coaching program for ambitious BIPOC, women, and LGBTQ+ who want to increase their net worth by $22k in 12 months without sacrificing their joy.

You have a $35k salary

You have a low credit score

You have little or no savings

You have a lot of debt

You get anxious looking at your money

You are a caregiver with dependents

No more avoidance, confusion, or overwhelm from dinero.

Let’s simplify your money so you can create the financial security you crave.

Inside Wealth Para Todos Academy, you will learn to learn how to become work optional by:

Nurturing your wellness so you stop feeling overwhelmed and exhausted

Creating new money beliefs so you start feeling limitless instead of limited

Understanding how much you need to invest to retire so you can create and follow a financial plan

Learning how to budget, pay off debt, maximize your savings, and invest in the stock market so you can take action with confianza

Increasing your income so you don’t have to choose between spending on your joy and investing more

You’ll learn to do this repeatedly so that you feel confident and in control of your dinero now and later when you’re working because you want to, not because you have to.

In one year, I paid off $23k in student loan debt, saved $30k, and started maxing out retirement accounts.

However, I spent years prior living paycheck to paycheck thinking I was financially secure because I could pay off my credit cards in full each month and could afford to eat out regularly.

At 32, I had no idea how to budget, save to buy a house, or what it would take to retire at 67.

Now, a few years later, I’m on track to becoming work optional in my 40s.

I did this by learning to prioritize self-care, developing new money beliefs, checking in with my finances weekly, developing my financial literacy, and increasing our household income BIG time.

The same process, I will teach you inside Wealth Para Todos Academy.

My Story

A healthy and wealthy you has a greater impact on our community.

Financial anxiety and shame doesn’t work to create financial freedom. It limits you and will get you nowhere.

Inside Wealth Para Todos Academy, you will learn a new way to get ahead with dinero.

You will feel optimistic when you open your checking account and calm when you see your credit card balances.

You will learn how to think about yourself differently and build wealth from a place of abundance & self-love instead of constant sacrifice and shame.

is the framework behind Wealth Para Todos and it has created thousands of client results.

will help you feel in control of your finances so you enjoy the process of budgeting, saving, paying off debt, and investing.

helps you save your first $7k, pay off your first couple of loans and contribute to your investing accounts all while spending on your joy.

You need people who talk dinero sin vergüenza, who can celebrate as you’re paying off your debt and cheer you on as you’re maxing out retirement accounts.

To build wealth, you don’t need discipline, you need community.

You need people who are having conversations about how to grow a dollar, not just how to stretch a dollar.

Wealth Para Todos Academy is your community.

You think you’re too late, we show you how you’re operating on divine time.

Becoming Work Optional is Possible for You

You think you don’t make enough money, we teach you how to increase your income.

You think it’s too daunting, we meet you where you are at and guide you in taking your best money moves.

Inside, Wealth Para Todos Academy you will develop the well-rested, well-nourished, and well-financed version of you.

This is where your journey to becoming work optional begins.

Live Trainings:

2 live trainings per month to develop your financial literacy and learn skills to increase your income so you have the extra cash flow and knowledge to build financial security poco a poco  

Access to all past coaching calls and trainings starting from 2022:

Watch or listen to over 55+ hours of trainings and coaching calls to develop the skills, habits, and beliefs that lead to becoming work optional

Group Coaching:

2 live trauma-informed group coaching calls per month where you will get coached on implementing the strategies so if you ever get stuck you can get back on track to taking action aligned with your financial goals 

Wealth Para Todos Private Community App:

Ask questions in between coaching calls, celebrate your wins, enter challenges in between our weekly calls so you’re never alone and your money community is a message away.

NEW Monthly Office Hours:

During office hours, you’ll receive extra support if your money changes; an unexpected bill comes up, or you get a big bonus. You’ll get support with looking over your current finances and creating a plan no matter what comes up.

Lifetime Access to:

eMoney Account:

A digital financial platform offering tools for budgeting, net worth tracking, and financial planning to enhance your personal finance management experience

Wealth Para Todos Dashboard:

A personalized Google Sheet to track your self-care spending, debt pay-off, savings contributions, investment contributions and more

Becoming Work Optional through D.I.V.E.R.S.E. Self-care Curriculum:

A step by step guide on developing the skills, habits, and beliefs that lead to becoming work optional

12 Months of Access to:

Program Features

You believe Black lives matter, trans rights are human rights, no human is illegal, science is real, love is love, feminism is for everyone, and injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Who is this for?

You want to learn the skills, habits, and beliefs that will put you on track to becoming work optional con tiempo through live coaching calls and trainings

You are committed to learning how to engage in D.I.V.E.R.S.E. self-care daily and completing our monthly Know Your Numbers form

You want to make the world a better place without sacrificing your wellness and financial security.


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"My mindset shifted to being confident and excited to take on these steps for my financial wellness even if it was scary."

The biggest changes I experienced after working with Soledad were the establishment of multiple sinking funds including an emergency fund, the rollover of a previous retirement account into a rollover IRA, the establishment and contribution to a solo 401k, the shifting of my accounting responsibilities to another company, and paying down some debt.

Diana Zuniga

WPT academy member

"It's a great investment and you will not regret it."

My biggest change after working with Soledad was realizing my work potential through the skills I already have. I grew up poor and always felt money was something hard to come by. I chose a career that doesn't make a lot of money, which unfortunately validated those old emotions. Soledad showed me how I can monetize my skills and helped me envision building a business. It has felt like Soledad's compassion breathed hope into me.

Shannon Vigil

WPT academy member

"Besides finally paying off my credit card debt, she showed me that I am not stuck in my current situation. I CAN change, learn, and excel to better my future."

Tracie Snyder

WPT academy member

"I approach things from abundance and moderation rather than fear and scarcity."

Working with Soledad has been life-changing. Her approach is to find the best system that will work for you and your goals. She looks at the person first and the numbers second. Her coaching is holistic and goes beyond personal finance. You will learn so much about yourself beyond the money that will help you for decades to come. Your future self will thank you!

Alejandra Rosales

WPT academy member

"Before working with Soledad, investments were something I never ever considered."

I don't fear money anymore. I am so much more informed about how I can save more and what investments are beneficial for me. Before working with Soledad, investments were something I never ever considered. I also began to look into different streams of income and identified skills and talents about myself that are marketable and how I could eventually help my finances grow.

WPT academy member

Carla Guerrero

"You don't have to do it alone, let Soledad guide you. She is wise, knowledgeable, & will figure it out with you."

I felt anxious and overwhelmed whenever I thought about or looked at my finances because growing up poor, I learned to "enjoy what you have when you have it" and tend to over-spend without budgeting. I learned to prioritize self-care & creating a Budget for EVERYTHING and centering myself on the intention of "Poco a Poco" because I tend to be impatient & want things to change rapido, but that only leads to feeling anxious & overwhelmed.

Michelle Mojica

WPT academy member

Words from Clients

Why Wealth para todos academy is worth your investment

overcoming objections

Our monthly Know Your Numbers Coaching call, Financial Literacy Trainings, Thought Work Group Coaching Call, and Increase Your Income Trainings usually happen every Wednesday at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST. Some calls are sometimes moved to other days due to guest speaker availability.

Yes, and set the intention to increase your extra cash flow so you can decrease your debt by at least $10k.

Yes and set the intention to increase your extra cash flow so you can invest more and accelerate when you can become work optional.

Yes and set the intention to increase your income through job hopping, a promotion, or negotiating a higher salary so you can increase your extra cash flow and have more money towards your financial goals.

Yes and set the intention to learn how to manage both your personal finances and business finances within the Academy.

Upon joining Wealth Para Todos Academy you will get immediate access to all the Wealth Para Todos Teachings. You will get access to all components of the program once you complete the onboarding process.

Yes, you can listen to the replay calls and get to input the topics of our calls through your Know Your Numbers form.

Every member of Wealth Para Todos Academy gets one forty-five minute call with Soledad to review your personal numbers and discuss what you should focus on for 12 months. Members are also entered into raffles to win additional bonus 1:1 calls with Soledad every month if they complete their Know Your Numbers form.

No, couples or roommates can show up to all calls together. You can share your login information to watch replays. However, there will only be one forty-five minute call per paid membership.

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