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Unlock Your Financial Potential: Six-Month Personal Finance Coaching Program with Soledad

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Soledad, a personal finance expert, has been featured in prominent publications such as Business Insider, Parents, TIMES Next Advisor, CNN, and Hispanic Executive. With over 25 podcast appearances, she shares her transformative financial journey and her work in empowering BIPOC, women, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Besides her work with 1:1 clients and coaching members of Wealth Para Todos Academy, Soledad is a sought-after speaker at universities and corporations, fostering financial literacy across diverse audiences.

Your journey has been one of overcoming obstacles and defying expectations

You've accomplished more than you ever thought possible and broken barriers in your life. But the journey is far from over – it's time to take your financial success to the next level with Soledad's expert guidance.

Introducing our six-month personal finance coaching program

designed to provide you with numerous benefits, such as:

Soledad offers an unbiased viewpoint, enabling you to evaluate your financial situation objectively and make sound decisions based on logic and empowering emotions.



Soledad tailors advice to your unique financial situation, goals, and needs, ensuring relevant and actionable recommendations.


Personalized Guidance

Regular check-ins help you stay on track with your financial goals, increasing motivation and discipline.



Master finances by learning about budgeting, saving, investing, and more, empowering you to make informed decisions and manage money effectively.



Overcome limiting beliefs or negative attitudes towards money, developing a healthier relationship with your finances.



A six-month coaching program allows ample time for creating and implementing a comprehensive financial plan, setting you up for long-term success and financial independence.



Soledad helps you set realistic and achievable financial goals, guiding you in prioritizing and allocating resources effectively.



Gain knowledge and experience to make better financial decisions independently.



Soledad offers emotional support during challenging times, helping you navigate financial setbacks and stay committed to your goals.



Benefit from Soledad's expertise, streamlining your financial planning process and avoiding common mistakes or pitfalls.



1:1 Coaching client

"I learned to think about financial planning through a lens of abundance."

I've trusted the process of acknowledging and processing my unintentional thoughts and feelings around money, and now have seen money coming my way. I have a really good understanding of my finances now, and feel confident taking the next steps independently to continue to increase my income and build the financial life I want.

Kate Holguin

"I was making the most I’ve ever made but I was also the most burned out I’ve ever been"

I realized that I needed to prioritize my wellness to increase my wealth. I was making the most I’ve ever made but I was also the most burned out I’ve ever been. Since quitting my job the scarcity mindset is gone. It comes up here and there but I know how to adjust inner dialogue.

1:1 Coaching client


"Soledad also pushed and help me to increase my income by seeking a higher paying job."

All of this while taking the time to examine my thoughts (instead of merely distracting my mind), find the real cause of my worries (instead of trying to immediately fix things) and treating myself with love and self care (instead of putting everyone else before myself).

1:1 Coaching client

Jamie Islas

"My husband and I began to believe that we truly could become millionaires someday."

My husband initially felt we shouldn't pay for support when we could improve our financial literacy through free resources, such as Youtube videos and podcasts. I found this very unsafe, so disagreed and hired Soledad instead. By the end of the coaching program, my husband and I began to believe that we truly could become millionaires someday. Also, I now see coaching as an investment in myself.

1:1 Coaching client

Graciela & Eric

I used to resist thought work and now I find myself sitting down taking the time to process the emotions I used to run away from and avoid.

After working with Soledad, I have learned about creating a self-care spending plan, the importance of building an emergency fund, and have increased my income to pay off debt. Most importantly, we have worked on processing trauma so that I have the mental capacity to stick to my financial plan. I used to resist thought work and now I find myself sitting down taking the time to process the emotions I used to run away from and avoid.

1:1 Coaching client

Dineydi Matos

Her ability to get you to see your authentic self and how you have become the person you are is the ultimate flex. 

I blamed myself for not having more when I was sincerely a victim to my trauma. That one realization has lifted a load off me. One of the best things she helped me discover was the connection between my trauma and spending patterns and the need for me to make space for my emotions and self, so I can stop living between "Push Through" and "burnout". That knowledge has help me in every area of my life, including creating a business that is wrapped in purpose.

1:1 Coaching client

Felicia Akuamoah 

Twelve 45-minute Zoom calls with Soledad

Access to eMoney platform

To monitor financial goal progress

Wealth Para Todos Academy Membership 

Which includes weekly live coaching sessions for 6 months on reviewing your financial data, improving your financial literacy, Thought Work Group coaching and increase your income trainings 

Access to all past Financial Literacy workshops 

Access to all past Thought Work Group Coaching sessions 

Whatsapp access to Soledad

Response within 24-48 hours, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm PST

Our 1:1 Signature Coaching Package includes:


The Investment

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Six payments of


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